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the two greatest things in my life

Posted by Karen on March 13, 2008


Hers Bella and her dad having a cuddle on the lounge.

5 minutes later they were both snoring………   aaaaaawwwwwww cute

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Im Back and with NEWS !!!!!!!

Posted by Karen on March 13, 2008

Well its been awhile and I am back to blogging but maybe not for long as it looks like we may be getting some children soon..

What I am about to say may not happen as it all depends on a court date and court order but……..

 We were approached by Barnardos a while ago to see if we would be interested in having ———–wait for it————- 3 children !!!!!!!!! WOW but it gets better . the three children are siblings and all under 14 months old. WHAT THE!!!!!! i know you are saying this  cause I did.

There is a 14month old girl and twin 5 month olds, boy and girl,  ( i know when you do the maths doesnt add up  twins were premmies born at 28weeks.)

They have all been taken away from mum and dad but they are in DOCS  care at the moment awaiting a court order for a ward ship order ( to make them wards of the state ) and thus allowing them to be fostered permanatly and after 2 years adopted. Docs are supposed to be going to court in Early April to obtain the ward ship orders then Barnardos become the agency looking after them – Barnardos are more then impressed with us and say they are 85% confident we will end u pwith the kids, but its all in DOCS and the courts hands at the moment.

Of course we said YES we love to have them

 OMG OMG OMG what have we said yes too… I am so excited, scared, Happy, terrified, excited, worried about will I do this right, worried how i will cope, looking forward to coping,  shitting myself will i cope with three so young but at the same time SO BLISSFULLY HAPPY THAT MY DREAMS TO BE A MUM MIGHT COME TRUE

SO we wait – a longer wait than IVF but the same kind of wait in the fact of its like the 2ww they have dangled that carrot in front of me and now i just have to wait to see if i grab the carrot and it happens.

My sister and i have been out loking at baby stuff , as you have posibly worked out i will need three of everything, 3 car seats ( thank god ihave a prado so 3 seats will fit ) three cots, a pram with a toddler seat so I can go out, Clothes, toys ( although I have friend and a sis who have volunteered toys and heaps an heaps of clothes, I will need bottles, nappies formula etc etc etc  the list goes on as all new mums can relate to what you have to buy – difference is I havent and wont have nine months to prepare for this I may have 2 weeks……………….OMG OMG

All i keep saying is OMG could my dream finally be coming true.

So to all of you who believe in  any sort of god, fairies, angels, budda anything, please say a huge big prayer for me and john and hope that our dreams can come true and we will be blessed with these 3 little darling who need a new home and a new start to their short lives and hope that we can give them long happy safe lives that all litlle children deserve……..

Told you the news was big – please all keep your fingers crossed and i will let you know ASAP what is happening. You will hear me screaming form the rooftop with joy no doubt…



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